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The European Centre for Education and Training (ECET) was established in 1993. Its activities include development and implementation of language programmes, vocational courses, IT, computer and management training.

Experience in management, foreign languages and computer training; developing programmes and training tools; production of multimedia and CD-ROM

Awarded European Language Label.

Member of ICC - The European Language Network.

Member of Lingu@net Worldwide international network.

Owner of the registered trademark Europe Schools for Languages and Management, with over 10,000 students.

Training centres approved and licensed by the Bulgarian National Agency for Vocational Education and Training to provide language training and training for new professions.

Organiser of the Foreign Languages and Computer Studies National Competition held annually.

Founder of the European Channel for Education and Training (ECET TV), licensed by the Council for Electronic Media.

Founder of the National Cultural and Educational Traditions Foundation (NCET).

Developer of the Junior European Language Portfolio (53.2003).

Contract with Languages National Training Organisation (LNTO), United Kingdom, to produce the EUROPEAN LANGUAGE PORTFOLIO in Bulgaria.